Private Consultancy

Egzona offers private consultations which can be arranged at her private clinic in Harley Street, London, Crawford Street, London or in Oxford. Egzona is also able to arrange to meet clients around London.

  • Prior to the first consultation, the client will be requested to complete a detailed health history, lifestyle questionnaire and food diary.

  • Egzona will then prepare all the required information in detail prior to the consultation.

  • The initial consultation will normally last 1 hour where a thorough portrait of your health will be put together.

Egzona offers bespoke consultations face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype for clients who are looking for advice about their dietary intake.

Following all consultations, Egzona will make sure to explain in detail dietary and lifestyle factors designed to your health aims/goals. Each client will also receive a detailed dietary programme designed to your health aim.


Egzona believes that each client can develop new dietary and lifestyle habits which will be sustainable throughout their lives. The number of consultations each client requires will vary according to their individual situation and goals.