Corporate Consultancy

Egzona believes that good nutrition in the workplace is essential; she regularly works with many companies in providing seminars to companies. Egzona knows that providing staff with essential information about the food they consume can have a huge impact on their overall results in the workplace. Egzona will educate staff with her knowledge of nutrition and how the food they consume plays a role in their day-to-day work (lives).

Egzona is able to offer a one-off workshop, a series of workshops or a review of the canteen menu to ensure staffs are receiving the nutrition they require. She fully understands that each company will have their own style of work and budget.

Egzona is able to assist in implementing slight changes which will reflect on the employees’ performance. She regularly educates employees at corporate events and works with many companies as part of their wellbeing programmes. Her experience in working with many known brands ensure she is well informed to advise employees on which foods can be beneficial to overall performance.

Invite Egzona to your workplace to ensure that your employees are knowledgeable and make the correct food choices which overall boost their work performance.